Twitches in Anticipation

An old song of mine, "Chameleon," is getting a lot of sudden attention, and I wish I knew what prompted it. Out of the ten songs on the album, this particular track is one of the more highly produced, with the most straightforward lyrics, so I suppose it makes sense in terms of commercial viability. There are other songs, though, that I want to brush off and say "Hey! Look at this pretty one! It's introspective and sensitive and lovely!" But anyway, something has picked it up and looked at it and other things are noticing and also looking at it, seemingly out of nowhere. I'm getting lots of NOI's for this one song (Notice of Intent to License) and so far it is not translating into concrete $ language in my account but it sure is entertaining and fun to speculate. There is apparently some streaming going on. Side note: I have a sudden urge to travel to Luxembourg. Apparently they love me!