THIS is how you keep audiences coming back for more. Not with gimmicks but through purposeful use of technology to aid in the storytelling. The ensemble tonight showed the next step in choral music: the soundtracks and original compositions linking music with little thematic glimpses of what just happened and what was to follow… The experience was a continuous one, interrupted only in the second half by much deserved applause for the soloists and instrumentalists. The first half felt like a dream sequence and I was sad (and aggravated) to have to leave it for an intermission.
— Johann Van Niekerk, DMA, reflecting on "Embracing the Journey" concert

"Bridging the Journey" interludes from "Embracing the Journey" concert will be available at Bandcamp

You (all) made this film get some legs. It really makes an amazing difference, and it is perfect! In my wildest dreams I could not imagine how great this would be. Thank you again.
— Zuzana Gedeon, director, "Beating Batten"