Award-Winning String Quartet "Mirasteros" live performance


Music for the suiting-up scene in the new film Rocketman and the Aerial Fortress.

COULD THIS BE... the best scene in the whole movie?

FIND OUT... by watching the video! Also, this one!

Not only did I get the opportunity to use the heroic theme, it's at a pivotal juncture when the hero suits up, and there is even a bit of the bad guy theme in there as well.

(arms at my hips with eyebrow raised)

“Long Road” 1M1 : Sweeping, epic voyage. Recorded with 50-piece orchestra at Studio X in Seattle. Mixed by Reed Ruddy.


Documentary Film: Beating Batten. Cue 1M4 “Slow Decline” Recorded at Studio X.

Picture a seductress a la Basic Instinct in a smoky pool hall. Orchestrated for woodwinds, it features chromaticism prominently in both the melody and texture.