Susan Maughlin Wood

Composer for Media and Concert Music

…is an award-winning independently contracting composer seeking opportunities in film, video game and other media. While engaged in writing concert repertoire and chamber arrangements she is a visionary of passion projects including the forthcoming “Coastal Fire: A Common Diary” as well as music video "Spectratta," which enjoyed a whirlwind international film festival circuit and won awards including Best Music Video and Best Cinematography. She holds a Master of Music in Film Composition from the Pacific NW Film Scoring Program at SFI, and served as Past President on the Board of Directors of the Seattle Composers Alliance.

Seven Stages of WTF

"Coastal Fire: A Common Diary" depicts the emotional fallout from the 2016 US presidential election on a personal and societal level. Documentary footage and dreamlike imagery combine to capture the zeitgeist of a population teetering constantly on the edge of revulsion and resolve.