"Spectratta" accepted into film festivals!

Hey, I have some great news I want to brag on! Made this little music video, all on my own, just to see if I could (and because I'm impatient, and the budget was right.) Start to finish composition, performing, recording, filming, editing and mastering. It was for the composer's salon at first, without sound as Karin McCullough and I performed live in front of it. Well, since I had the video done anyway, I figured I'd play the lottery and enter a bunch of film festivals. The first notification dates are here and it's been accepted! With many more possible festivals coming up. Now I need to hustle and get it formatted for an actual multiplex movie theater in Mobile, AL on September 23rd for the Azalea Film Festival.

I can't make the actual video public until the festival run is over, which could be awhile. I mean a very long-seeming while. But here is a teeny tiny trailer.

I can't wait to show you all the whole thing! (Maybe there will be a screening near you!?)