Program Notes for "Parallel Plaid" next week

I promise you that my music and my film are better than me talking about my music and my film! That said… here is some insight.

For the most part, piano is like parent, violin is like child.


violin establishes footing solo on the tonic

pizzicato is the inner world “stimming," arco is outside interaction 

dissonant, percussive movement

violin repeatedly reaching out and immediately returning to tonic

piano has perfect fifths but shifting key center up and down 1/2 steps

    = trying to help violin get bearings… takes brief melodic stroll

first interval is augmented 4th then overreaches to M6th, then m6

    and finally finds the fifth representing normality

arco section = willing to engage,

brief extroversion then runs out of words so

retreats back into pizz inner world

very brief movement



= transformation, resistance, movement, growth

single minded in pursuit of goal

going about the day

wind picks up, holding onto flower

dramatic upset at trivial change in routine

parent checks in on child occasionally


Off Script

= gaining independence

high energy tango feel

but too quirky to dance to

near end: brief return to original pizzicato motif as comfort (stim)

    before coda dives into high, inverted, loud version of 

    main statement and riffing, fragmenting, punctuating

    right up until the emphatic end