Susan Maughlin Wood holds a Master of Music in Film Composition from the Pacific NW Film Scoring Program at SFI, led by Emmy award winning composer Hummie Mann. She is on the Board of Directors of the Seattle Composers Alliance, and is trained in various DAWs including ProTools, Digital Performer and Logic Pro, with proficiency in notation programs Sibelius and Finale. Susan is an independently contracting composer and seeks work as orchestrator, conductor, copyist, arranger and transcriber for film, television, video game and other media, having collaborated on the score for films including "Rocket Man and the Aerial Fortress" and the documentary short "Beating Batten." She recently composed interludes for live string quartet and manipulated source sounds bridging between pieces in the "Embracing the Journey" UW Chorale concert, and is currently composing music for video game titles and her own projects.

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You (all) made this film get some legs. It really makes an amazing difference, and it is perfect! In my wildest dreams I could not imagine how great this would be. Thank you again. (removed from front page 8/15/14)
— Zuzana Gedeon, director, "Beating Batten"